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Featured Speaker at the Following Engagements

Infinity Festival, 2021
Speaker on Panel: How to Get Up and Running in Virtual Production Fast


Reel Women, Chicago

Remote Production Conference, 2021 and 2022

Presentation on Remote Production in the Real World

Panel Moderator, various, 2009-2020

Panel Moderator for many events including Chicago International Film Festival, AbelCine's Creative Forces, AbelCine's NAB panels

Panelist, various, 2009-2020

Panelist for many events including AICP Digital Workflow

International Cinematographer's Guild, 2009-2012

Digital Loader Instructor.  Curriculum design and instruction for International Cinematographer's Guild Digital Loader Workshops Nationwide.  Held classes for over one hundred students in seven different cities.  Contributed to establishing a standardized workflow for digital cameras on set across the country.

Gals N Gear @ NAB, 2017

Interviewed on Cinematography and my work for during a live Broadcast.


Lead Instructor, various, 2009-2022

  • Virtual Production for NYU, Columbia University, and Chapman

  • Creative and Technical Aspects of a lens, LA Women's Film Collective 

  • Creative Inspiration, State Farm

  • Digital Camera Assistant, Fimscape Chicago  

  • Camera Department, Free Spirit Media

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