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Megan Donnelly is a Director of Photography with a strong technical background, an acute eye, and natural technique. Her body of work ranges from commercial spots, to narrative shorts, to music videos. Her ability to work well with every personality as well as under pressure allows her to fit in with every production and budget. Her sensitivity to lighting and camera angles allows her to create the perfect lighting environment for each frame, while at the same time is able to realize each scene and anticipate every Director's needs.

Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Megan Donnelly graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Media Arts with a concentration on Cinematography.  She has been the Director of Digital Media at Fletcher Camera and Lenses, as well as instructed the Digital Loading Workshops for the Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild all across the nation.  With this strong foundation, she is able to work with any camera and workflow, an important element to an ever changing field of camera technologies. She is able to fully understand each cinematic tool and use it to its best purpose for each project, while not allowing the technology to overcome the vision
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